Yes! It is very easy to transfer your U.S. number in. We accept transfers from all providers except for T-Mobile. To bring over your number from your current carrier, you must meet this one simple requirement:

  • Your phone number and line must be active with your current carrier. (e.g., you cannot “bring over” a phone number that has been suspended or canceled)

If you were on a phone financing plan, you should also confirm that your phone has been paid, which typically requires 12 or 24 months of billing. If not, you may need to pay off the rest of your phone payment plan before you may port-out your number.

T-Mobile: If you are currently on a T-Mobile plan, you can either sign up for ConnectED Mobile with a new phone number or join our waitlist to be informed of any changes regarding T-Mobile transfers.

To see how the process works, read How do I bring over my phone number from another carrier?

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