Bringing over your number is extremely easy. We collect a few account details from you (listed below) during the activation process. With that information, we handle the number transfer directly with your provider. There’s no additional work you need to do.

Let’s break down how that works…

Step 1: Purchase plan and receive SIM card

See here for how to get started:

Step 2: Activate your SIM card & Transfer in your number (“Port-in” your number)

During the activation flow, we’ll collect the following account information from you about your current phone line.

  1. Your (existing) phone number

  2. Your original service provider (e.g., AT&T)

  3. Your account number from your original service provider

  4. Your original service provider account PIN

  5. The associated zip code with your original account

  6. The account holder's name

With the SIM activation, we use this information provided to process the number transfer with your current carrier directly. Your phone number will be securely with your current carrier until the moment that it is released to our network. There is no “limbo” stage, nor holding period.

Our number transfer center will handle this directly with your carrier. You do not need to contact your carrier or do anything additional to release your number. (Providing the above information serves as your release.) After the transfer completes, your line will automatically be canceled with your previous provider.

How long does it take to complete?

For larger carriers like AT&T and Verizon, transfers typically completes within 1 hour. For smaller carriers like Google Fi or Mint Mobile, we recommend doing it overnight so that you are connected to WiFi throughout and may insert your new SIM in the morning.

Is there any disruption of service?

We recommend being connected to WiFi during the transfer to ensure a seamless experience. Your SIM card from your current carrier will work until the moment the transfer completes. After completion, your new SIM card will receive any calls or text messages tied to your phone number.

Between when the transfer has completed and when you insert your new SIM card, which takes less than 1 minute, it will be as if your phone is turned off. Any calls or text messages received during that time will be received when you insert your new SIM card.

By being on WiFi, you will receive our email notification when your transfer has completed and know when to insert your new SIM.

That's it! Ready, set, save.

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