1. Select your plan

Select your plan at https://my.connectedmobile.co.

2. Add SIM card or opt out

Next, select "buy a sim card" or you can choose "bring my own", if you've already received a new white SIM card from us.

3. Add Phone Number (or 000-000-0000 if you'll be activating a new one!) and Shipping Address

There, we’ll collect your contact info & shipping address to mail you your SIM card. If you already have a US phone number, you can provide it here, or enter 000-000-000 if you don't have one yet!

4. Activate!

Once you have your SIM card and are ready to activate, head to https://my.connectedmobile.co and log-in. Then head to "Monthly Billing" and scroll down to activate. For activation steps, see below!

To see more details, check out our other 'Activation articles':

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