Part 1: Choose & Pay for your Plan

If you've already done this part, jump to Part 2!

  1. Select your plan: Go to and select your preferred plan

  2. Checkout

    1. Do you need a SIM card?

      1. “I will bring my own SIM card”: If you have requested a SIM card from us already (white SIM card), select this and enter the new sim card number. Do not include the “F” at the end, and make sure you’re using your new white sim card. If you received multiple sim cards, feel free to choose either one.

      2. “I want to buy a SIM card”: If you are requesting a SIM card for the first time, select this.

    2. Next, click “Add to cart w/out device” and “Checkout”

  3. Create your new customer account on the new portal.

    1. Phone number: Please feel free to enter either your phone number from your home country, or 999-999-9999. This will not matter for your new phone number activation, but you cannot leave the field blank.

    2. Shipping: If you have already received a SIM card, you may put any address here, but need to add something. If not, please provide the address you would like to receive the new SIM card at.

    3. Billing: This payment info will be your default payment method going forward. US or Foreign credit or debit cards accepted

  4. Submit

Part 2: Activation!

  1. From your dashboard homepage, find "Monthly Billing. Then, scroll down and choose “ACTIVATE NOW”

  2. Zip Code (Required): Please provide a ZIP code of where you will be living

    in the US. You may also choose a different zip code than your future/current address if you’d prefer. You may select from any US zip code, but cannot leave the field empty.

    1. Here are some common ones below.

      1. Philadelphia: 19103

      2. Boston: 02138

      3. New York: 10001

      4. San Francisco: 94105

      5. Chicago: 60601

  3. Submit

  4. Success!

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