When you have received your SIM card, head to account.connectedmobile.co/activate. Here, you will select your plan, provide your payment method, and designate whether you are activating a new number or bringing in an existing number.

New number activations

For new numbers, you will be able to select your preferred area code. (Area code has no impact on service or signal.) After checkout, we’ll activate your SIM card automatically. Just insert it in, wait for a confirmation message, and enjoy!

Transferring in an existing number

Number transfers, or "port-ins" as we call them have one additional step beyond activation. We collect a few details about your current line with your existing carrier (Phone number, carrier name, account number, account PIN, account zip code, account holder name) and we process your number transfer with your previous carrier for you. Fore more details, check out the next article, our detailed port-out guide "How do I transfer my existing phone number?"

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