Two core plans: Classic vs. Unlimited plan

Understand the features of both and see how they compare against your needs

Classic Plan

Text: Unlimited

Talk: Unlimited

Data (US): 2GB of 4G LTE data ("high speed" data), plus unlimited 2G data.

Mobile Hotspot Tethering: Unlimited 2G

International: Unlimited 2G data, in Mexico, Canada and 210+ countries and destinations; Free calling to Mexico and Canada

Eligible add-ons: Stateside International Calling


Unlimited Plan

Text: Unlimited

Talk: Unlimited

Data (US): Unlimited 4G LTE data ("high speed" data).

After 50GB of 4G LTE/ month, you may experience slower speeds during times of congestion. How often does this happen? Extremely rarely. <0.5% of users consume more than 50GB of data / month!

Mobile Hotspot Tethering: 10 GB of 4G LTE, plus unlimited 2G

International: 5GB of 4G LTE/ month and unlimited texting and calling to Mexico and Canada, plus unlimited 2G data 210+ countries and destinations

Eligible add-ons: Stateside International Calling, ConnectED Plus


Stateside International Calling

To make outbound calls to countries outside of the US, Mexico and Canada, you must have the Stateside International Calling package which offers free or discounted calling to international countries. We require this package in order to avoid the high fees associated with individual calls made outside the package that can incur costs of $3.00-$5.00/minute as no one wants to receive a surprise high bill from a single call!

Stateside International Calling is available on either core plan

ConnectED Plus

Are you frequently on the go either in the US or abroad? Then ConnectED Plus may be for you. Loved by jet-setters and workers on-the-go, ConnectED Plus has two primary benefits. It doubles your data speed while abroad (128 kbps to 256 kbps) and it increases your 4G LTE mobile hotspot allotment per month from 10 GB 4G LTE to 30 GB 4G LTE.

ConnectED Plus can only be added to the Unlimited plan.

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