Receiving inbound calls: Free in the USA!

Free! It is free to receive any standard call when in the USA, regardless of where the inbound call is being dialed from. While abroad, rates vary by country, typically around $0.30/min.

Dialing outbound from the US to the US, Canada and Mexico

Making calls to the US, Canada, and Mexico is always free! Before placing your first calls to Canada and Mexico, shoot us a note at so we can unlock this for you.

Dialing outbound from the US to other countries

In order to avoid the surprise high rates that are typically passed to the customers at $3.00-$5.00/minute, we require customers to have the monthly Stateside International Calling add-on to be able to make calls. This package allows customers to make free or highly discounted calls, with rates varying by country.

Alternatively, there are also apps like Rebtel that offer standard calling to landlines for cheaper than we can offer. We recommend this service for one-off needs, or frequent calls to landlines, when free calls through apps like Facetime, WhatsApp calling, Google Hangouts, Skype, and FB messenger calling is unavailable to the recipient.

Enjoy free calling through wifi and data-enabled apps, like Facetime, WhatsApp calling, FB messenger calling, Google Hangouts, and Skype

When talking to friends and family, take advantage of your plan's unlimited data to enjoy unlimited free calling through data and wifi-powered calling apps. Calls made through these programs do not incur the same costs as calls placed through your standard touchpad dialing.

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