Typical process

  1. You enter your SIM card number, select your plan, enter your payment information and check-out. Upon checkout, we begin the activation process remotely.

  2. TEMPORARY PHONE NUMBER: We first activate your new SIM card with a temporary phone number. If you were to insert this SIM, you would receive an activation text message from our network carrier to confirm that your activation is complete with your temporary phone number. (20-40 minutes after checkout). We do this because your phone line must first be active to then transfer your phone number to it

  3. Then, we handle your port-in with your current carrier to transfer your phone number onto your active line with us, and therefore to your new SIM card.

If you're seeing a phone number that you don't recognize, it means that your SIM card and phone line are active, but we are waiting on your port-in to complete with your carrier to bring over your phone number.

Please check out this article for more details on the Port-In process: How do I transfer in my existing phone number to Connected Mobile?

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