Still waiting for a port-in confirmation message? Let's break down what could be going on

1. You never received an order confirmation email titled "Connected Mobile Phone Line Order Confirmation"

Most likely, your checkout was not completed. In this case, your payment method will also not have been charged, and you won't see a phone line in status "Activating" in your dashboard

What to do?

Reach out to us to confirm what's going on and that your checkout did not go through. We'll confirm if the issue was due to a failed payment, or another reason and will get you back on track to activation, while ensuring no duplication of subscriptions or charges.

You received an order confirmation email, but it's been a couple hours. What's going on?!

1. The most common cause of delay for existing phone number transfers is incorrect Account Number or Account PIN information. This is the cause behind over 70% of transfer delays!

If you didn't do this before providing the information, please call your provider and confirm the account number and PIN.

Note: your PIN is usually NOT your account log-in password, especially if that password is written text. We can't process it without this information so it's worth calling your carrier to confirm or reset it.

2. Carrier transfer delays

All US carriers are required to respond to transfer-out requests within 24 hours. For the 3 major carriers - Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, this is standard practice and most requests are processed within 1-2 hours, and usually much quicker than that. For smaller carriers or MVNOs, this process can take longer. We recommend submitting your request while connected to wifi, so you'll experience no loss of connection between when the request completes and when you can insert your new SIM card.

3. Incorrect SIM card number information

Entering a single digit off will make your SIM card submission invalid. This can cause a delay of 1-2 hours if not caught before the first submission attempt. Please confirm the card number submitted. If there was a mistake, shoot us an email at so we can re-attempt this for you. If we recognize this first, we will reach out to you for an updated number.

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