Activated a new phone line, but the data seems to be slower than you'd expect?

Sometimes there are a few phone settings that need to be tweaked when bringing your device over from another country, so let's take a look!

1. Make sure you have LTE data roaming turned on - "Enable 4G/LTE"

(Note: You will never receive a charge for data roaming. We have your plan set to prevent any overages so you can always keep this on without any concern.)

2. Make sure you are set to "T-Mobile" in your network carrier settings

  • iPhone: Settings > Cellular > Network Selection

  • Android: Settings > Wireless & Networks

3. Make sure you are set to the proper APN for T-Mobile

Usually, this configures automatically, but sometimes when bringing your device from overseas, it requires a manual reset.

4. [For abroad troubleshooting only] Restart your phone and then refresh your connection

  • First, restart your phone, and then, dial #766# from your touchpad to refresh your connection. Getting an error message? Let us know what the message is. This is helpful to understand the problem.

Still no luck? Shoot us a note at and we will escalate your problem to an advanced technical support member. As you are a Connected Mobile customer, not a T-Mobile customer, we are your point of contact for issues, not T-Mobile.

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