Did you submit your international travel waiver?

Before accessing your free international data, you must first submit a travel waiver, confirming your acknowledgement that any charges from calls made abroad will be passed directly to you.

Access the travel waiver here: connectedmobile.co/travel-alert

I submitted my waiver, but still don't have data

When you're abroad, we connect you through local network partners. Sometimes your phone has to work a little harder to connect to the local networks and does not immediately connect. Or, it might lose connection in an elevator and not easily re-connect.

To force your phone to connect, you can do either of the below:

  1. Turn your phone off for 30 seconds. This will force a hard refresh of the cellular connection. Sure enough, it usually does the trick!
  2. You can also try dialing #766# from your phone and then press 'call'. This as well will refresh your connection.

These are the quickest options!

Still not working?

Shoot us a note and ask us to refresh your line. If your data is unlocked with the travel waiver, this almost ALWAYS does the trick when there's an issue. (support@connectedmobile.co)

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